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North Macedonia becomes 30th NATO member | TIME ONLINE


NATO officially accepted North Macedonia as its 30th member. The Western Balkans was the newest member after it was launched on Friday
 Certificate of Accession to the North Atlantic Treaty at the US State Department in
Washington deposited, the military alliance announced. In the
the past few months, the parliaments of all 29 so far
NATO states ratified the admission of the Republic.

"It has been a long way, but all of your efforts have paid off," said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. North Macedonia be part of "a family of thirty states and almost one
Billion people ". The alliance is based" on the certainty that
we are all stronger and safer together – no matter which one
We are facing challenges, "Stoltenberg continued
Solemn act of the North Macedonian flag at NATO headquarters in
Brussels are hoisted.

"Historical success"

North Macedonia
 President Stevo Pendarovski spoke of a "historic success"
that after almost 30 years of independence, security and
Future of his country is guaranteed. The next goal is
Membership in the European Union. The EU countries recently agreed on the start of corresponding accession negotiations.

The accession of the small country with just under 2.1 million inhabitants was
for years through a dispute with Greece over the state name
been blocked. The Greek government feared that the neighbor would stop using the
Country name Macedonia claims to the same name
northern Greek province. Only when the country's parliament decided in January 2019 to rename itself "Republic of North Macedonia" was the way cleared.

The country's NATO membership becomes integration,
democratic reforms, trade, security and stability in the region
promote, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It also shows other countries that the NATO door is open to them
stands that are willing and able to make necessary reforms, the high ones
 To meet NATO standards as well as responsibility and benefits of
Accept membership.

Heiko Maas praises "political courage and diplomatic skill"

Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) also welcomed the inclusion of the Western Balkans in the military alliance. The agreement with Greece
was "an important milestone". "With this the state and
Heads of government of both countries impressively demonstrated that political
Courage and diplomatic skill peacefully solve long-standing blockades
can, "said Maas.

With North Macedonia there are now 14 countries
 End of the Cold War of the Transatlantic Military Alliance
joined. Most of them came from the sphere of influence
former Soviet Union. During Russia after the fall of the iron
Cooperation with the curtain NATO searched, has the rapid
Expansion of the Alliance to the east is increasingly burdening relations.

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