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Government Bans Layoffs While Coronavirus Alert Remains


The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, has announced this Friday that the Government has agreed prohibit layoffs, including those of temporary workers, while the coronavirus alarm state. "It is not necessary to fire anyone, this crisis is a parenthesis, and there are sufficient mechanisms to make a responsible use of public goods," he explained at a press conference regarding the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE).

Díaz, who explained that this prohibition will be applied "from today, that the measures are approved", thus implying that will not be done retroactively, has indicated that it has been ruled for a series of assumptions. On the causes in which dismissal is prevented, he said that "as long as there are economic, productive, organizational and force majeure causes, it cannot be dismissed because we have arbitrated an exceptional mechanism with many public resources to facilitate our ERTE. It would not have sense, "stressed the minister.

In addition, he has asked "not to confuse the causes of the dismissals with the classification of the dismissals (appropriate, inadmissible, null", because that is the task of the judges. "If there are challenges for abuse or misuse, the courts will qualify posteriori ", he warned.

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