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US Citizen Missing in Iran Is Dead According to Family | TIME ONLINE


The one in Iran missing US citizen Robert Levinson has died in captivity, according to his family. She has no information about how Levinson died, she said on Twitter. However, findings from US officials suggested that he died in Iranian detention. This had happened before the outbreak of the corona virus in Iran.

"It is impossible to describe our pain," said the family. She would "spend the rest of our lives without the most wonderful man, a new reality that is incomprehensible to us". The family blamed the "cruel, heartless acts of the Iranian regime" for Levinson's death

US President Donald Trump then announced that he would not accept the conclusion that Levinson had died. According to the New York Times At a press conference, Trump admitted that Levinson was not doing well, but the president would "not accept that he was dead." Levinson had been sick for a long time, Trump said. He expressed his sympathy to the family and described Levinson as a "good man".

The family thanked the government and the US federal police FBI for their efforts to be released. Levinson would always be part of the FBI, the family wrote. However, the US government has not confirmed that Levinson was an agent in Iran. US officials had insisted for years that he had carried out private investigations independently and not, as was said, carried out a mission for the CIA. Levinson disappeared on the Iranian island of Kish in 2007.

Robert Levinson had been gone for 13 years

National security advisor Robert C. O'Brien said aloud Washington Postthat US officials believe that Levinson has died, but that the United States will only accept the event if there is a "full settlement" with Iran. "The United States is asking Iran to release all Americans who are illegally detained in that country," said O'Brien. A federal judge had held Iran responsible for Levinson's disappearance a few weeks ago.

The FBI said Levinson was the longest held hostage in US history. He got loud Washington Post last seen alive in a hostage video in 2010. As in previous years, the Iranian government denied on Wednesday that Levinson was being held.


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