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1,400,000 XRP tokens have been stolen through a fake Google Chrome extension


Ledger users, watch out. There are some bad actors operating right now looking to take advantage of their backup seeds. If you see an ad in a Google search for a Ledger Live Chrome extension, avoid it like the plague. According to xrplorer forensics, around 1.4MN of XRP tokens have been stolen so far, but all coins are at risk.

XRP users are the ones who have been scammed the most

Recently, xrplorer forensics posted a warning tweet telling their followers that over 200,000 XRP had been stolen in the past month. This is due to fake Chrome extensions "Ledger Live" that are stealing backing phrases from their victims to get their cryptocurrencies. He warned that:

"The accounts are being emptied."

The XRP forensic explorer only had data belonging to XRP. However, he warned that all cryptocurrencies were at risk, saying:

“We don't have figures for other currencies. NEVER download tools for your hardware wallet from places other than the vendor directly. The screenshot shows a POST request for an extension. ”

Alarmingly, a few hours later, the XRP tracker released a second update. Their initial figures were not close to the true numbers. In fact, it was closer to 1.4M of stolen XRP tokens:

Based on a more detailed analysis, the team was able to deduce that while most of the stolen XRP tokens were kept intact in one account, some funds were recently sold on HitBTC. The cryptocurrency exchange has been reported, however, so far it has not officially responded to the problem.

Never download extensions for your wallet if they are not from the official provider

This last warning does not only apply to XRP holders or even Ledger users. This is a wake up call for everyone in space. With just over $ 4.5 billion in stolen cryptocurrencies only in 2019, you should always follow best practices online.

That means you should never click links through emails to access your wallet or exchange account. Never download a plugin unless you are 100% sure of the source and bookmark the official website so you can trade and transact with confidence.

There are many hackers and scammers in the cryptocurrency space looking to steal your funds. Don't make the job easier for them.

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