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Once in a while
Week she drives to her school. Outside, in a wood behind
Sports hall, stands a beehive that she and her students
a colleague. Now it is spring and everyone should experience
how the bee colony frees itself from its winter grape. "Everything is blooming," says Julia Halstenberg, "the people are moving." But nobody sees what except her
happens. The bees swarm out. The children are at home.

Halstenberg has been a teacher for 17 years. She teaches at one
Comprehensive school in the Münsterland, although this sentence is currently double wrong. she
"teaches" no longer in the traditional sense. And no longer "on"
a school, but from the home office, like all pedagogues in
Germany. And so Halstenberg reports in her study at home in Hamm,
that she, too, is learning a lot in these weeks. Must learn.

To the
In the first few days, for example, she made the mistake "solution-related to the children
Send tasks home ". So the usual tasks. Tasks, as
would be school. "The relationship work in the families is just a thousand times
more important."

for younger people prefer jobs like this, not in pedagogical German
"solution-related", but "situation-related":

1. Certainly
there are some things that you personally like about your time at home. Other
you may not like it so much Collect a few of your impressions on one

On the whole
World has started a gigantic social experiment. Alone in
Germany is home to around eleven million schoolchildren
Elementary schools, secondary schools, junior high schools, comprehensive schools, high schools,
Vocational schools suddenly at home. Instead of compulsory schooling, there is a school ban. For
many will feel like a world change in a science fiction film
feel: The breastfeeding finally no longer have to give presentations. The
Self-employed people can show off their strengths in the home office. The team workers suffer
of loneliness. Secretly in love no longer see their crush. No
School sport, no bustle at school breaks, no secret smoking in one
dark corner. You can't even skip anymore.

"My child can do it alone!"

Julia Halstenberg teaches German and history, almost
1,500 students typically attend school, a cut across society. You ask them
representative of the approximately one million teachers in
Germany, the consequences of all of this, in the short and long term –
then a word always comes up in her answers: "Self-efficacy".

Eleven million young people are becoming aware of self-efficacy, for the better
like in bad.

has students who have been surrounded by helicopter parents throughout their childhood. Mothers
and fathers, some of whom work in systemically relevant professions, therefore hardly anymore
are at home, but call the teacher in the evening and tell them: "I had to
let go. And you know what: My child can do it alone! "

that would be a miracle.

who don't need to appear in front of the class blossomed, says Halstenberg.
Children who need their sleep in the morning. Children who "a strong inner fantasy world"
to have. "Even children who sometimes have a hard time at school." All of them
can now learn at their own pace.

it is a world change to happiness, so far.

there are also families, says Halstenberg, "it looks different. There are
we as school buffer, network, protection ".

doesn't just mean some guys that she knows she only has her potential
unfold through continuous speech. They all have their "self-efficacy"
two minutes with a wink, a smile, praise must confirm. Should. The
call her now. Some of them don't. "They slide away."

are also children of divorces, "who live with their grandparents, who live with their parents
Grandparents are doing well, but they are very scared, especially their family ones
To infect saviors ".

there are girls and boys that the teacher knows they are
be neglected or have already been abandoned. No for the home
is a good place, sometimes even a terrible one. That is in the curfew debate
and bans on contacts got a bit lost: what about some roaming around
Adolescents could have.


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