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Right-wing extremist AfD "wing" follows party leadership's call for dissolution | TIME ONLINE


The "wing" of the AfD, which is classified as right-wing extremist by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, officially wants to stop its activities. "We
challenge everyone who feels they belong to the community of interest,
on until April 30th their activities under the wing
", wrote the AfD heads of state of Thuringia and Brandenburg, Björn Höcke and Andreas Kalbitz, in a letter published on Facebook.

The two leading "wing" representatives are now publicly responding to the AfD party's demand that their controversial group be dissolved by the end of April. A few days ago information had leaked to ZEIT ONLINE and other media that Höcke had decided to end the right-wing national group "The Wing" in a narrow circle. However, Kalbitz had said on Saturday that he was not aware of any such decision.

In the letter to the now published
"Friends of the wing" write Höcke and Kalbitz, in principle could not be resolved
 become what does not formally exist. However, they would have decided to comply with the wishes of the party leadership "to ensure the unity of the party
and the project of a political alternative for Germany
not at risk ".

 The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution had declared the "wing" – a loose association of around 6,000 AfD members – an object of observation. He
 classifies it as an extreme right-wing effort. The group is considered to be a powerful network within the party, resulting from the resistance of a part
the party against the then AfD leader Bernd Lucke had emerged. It is said to have been financed partly through a shadow club.

In practical terms, the dissolution of the Saxon "wing" chairman Jens Maier should lead to the fact that the
the group's previous annual and regional meetings no longer
occur. In addition, the homepage and the Facebook presence of the "wing" would disappear.


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