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Quarantine and the Internet as social cement | TIME ONLINE


Multiply the bad news
as mad as Sars-CoV-2. So a few good ones that are so unexpected
like Angela Merkel's speech to the nation when she was about herself
grew out. No Merkeleien, but decisive announcements with the right one
Balance between foresight and confidence. Give
we here the joyful-edifying one chance – despite the horror, the health system
and economy haunted.

Let's start with that inclusion. Here for believers it says
"closer, my god, to you". The Lord had commanded them: "Pay attention to the
Sabbath. Keep him holy. The seventh day is a day of rest. "In times of
Corona is for everyone, including the unbelievers, everyone
Sunday day. The skyrocketing unemployment is the curse, the prescribed one
Must be the blessing.

The hectic pace falls. The homeworkers, not the bosses, write the roster.
Karl Marx could only dream of that. The means of production – PC, telephone,
Printers – also belong to us. Ditto the family.
Mother is no longer a chauffeur and appointment advisor to the brood, father is allowed to
more than half an hour before bedtime around the one-time heirs
To take care of. Quality time 24/7.

Just as cozy: they love colleagues we appreciate even more now
because physical intrusion is impossible. In the conferences we could
only switch off by fingering the smartphone under the table. Now
the meetings run via video; the mute button creates peace.

Redemption from
Airplane, train and highway construction sites. From juggling appointments, because that
are deleted. From barren hotels to which the XY Academy guests with
Has warned: "We have to save, please take the taxi instead
Tram. "Speaking of: Who the despite quarantine cannot avoid, finds Ayurveda-like relaxation. There is only one passenger sitting five meters away.

Friends: "No luck is good without companions, "Seneca lectured. That is growing now. We are connected with friends and family
usually the SMS, the short message. Or the two-line mail without salutation and
Greeting. Suddenly the landline phone rings again; the warm sounds
Voice of mother, daughter, the lost student friend.

Time and leisure, curiosity and compassion condense to intimacy, to the new conviviality.
Corona jokes fly through the line and comfort with black humor. "How
is the (new German) family? "
but care and sincere interest. Three minutes become fifty.
Confidentiality and
Trust. In front of Corona, only the chatty heiress called or an intrusive one

Now we philosophize about that
ugly world run and the relationship between freedom and state power in the
Anti virus fight. How do we cope with the inclusion, the bad news
the circle of friends? We are moving closer together. We recommend books like each other Love in times of cholera, Sartres Included by Altona or The plague from Camus. For amusing compensation
the new comedy series on Netflix or the aunt
by Friedrich Torberg, witty comedy from sunken Cacania,
the Habsburg cultural circle. Then: "Can
I do something for you? "

The Kidswho were on the phone for hours a generation ago
use Skype and Insta as ever, but do a profitable one
Cultural change. Because they suddenly have time for because school and university are closed
the coherent discussion – also with producers across countries and oceans. Corona turns out to be the best
Family therapist: united by the threat, want Children and parents talk to each other about God and the world.
There is no nagging.

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