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Fairspin Casino adds new games and reports record wins


Blockchain casino Fairspin recently paid nearly 3 BTC to a lucky user and urges other players to try to break this February record with free spins on over 500 new games.

As a blockchain casino, Fairspin allows players to track and verify all of their deposits, bets, and payments through a distributed ledger. As a result, everyone can verify that Fairspin users have earned more than 60,000 ETH since the casino was founded in late 2018.

One of the biggest gains on the platform happened to a lucky fair winner recently on February 27, 2020. The player withdrew 2,931 BTC (over $ 25,000 on victory day) in a single transaction, as you can see. on the Blockchain explorer.

The winner won the jackpot in the Hip-Hop Panda online slot. This is an important part of the story because Hip-Hop Panda is a traditional blockchain-free game from a well-known provider, PG Soft. Fairspin is the first and still the only blockchain casino with games that are not built on blockchain. Using a complex technology solution from the blockchain platform TruePlay, it offers the most sought after games from reputable providers, but still records all game data on blockchain.

TruePlay offers its solution to online casinos that choose to use transparency as their main advantage. The TruePlay cryptocurrency wallet and ERC20 TPLAY token allow you to track all transactions on the blockchain and convert any currency to TPLAY token automatically. As long as this token is not listed on crypto trading or exchange platforms and can only be stored in a TruePlay wallet, we can see a clear picture of casino transactions. It means that we see the actual sum of wins, losses, payouts, but most importantly we can check the RTP (return to player) of each game.

The range of games on Fairspin has been steadily expanding since the launch of the platform, but the most drastic increase in their number is a recent story. The number nearly doubled this month with the addition of more than 700 new games.

To help players try out new games and overcome the recent victory, Fairspin awards 70 free spins to each of its email and social media subscribers. With such a huge bonus for thousands of players, the total amount of player winnings on Fairspin is likely to skyrocket this month as well.

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