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A historic day in the Bundestag TIME ONLINE


1.50 meters distance – also in Bundestag. The deputies had to switch to the bleachers today to be able to vote in a historic session. The Bundestag has decided on a series of measures to combat the new corona virus and its consequences: Germany should take out new loans worth billions, but the debt brake will be relaxed. And the federal government will have more to say about infection protection in future than the federal states. In the podcast we give an overview and explain the measures in more detail.

Other topics: The Abitur exams should not be canceled nationwide, says the Kultusministerkonferenz, at most postponed. Students, on the other hand, have to wait further. And we answer the question of how long Sars-Cov-2 infected people can infect others.

Also: how many boards does a euro pallet consist of? The answer is worth a million euros.

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