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When the virus reaches refugee camps | TIME ONLINE


The situation in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos has long been tense. With more than 20,000 residents, the camp is overcrowded and, according to human rights organizations, the hygienic supply is insufficient. The coronavirus has not yet reached Moria, but the first infections have already been confirmed on the island. In addition, fires and attacks on helpers and NGOs have recently caused humanitarian aid to be cut back. Fabian Scheler asked Caterina Lobenstein what a virus outbreak in Moria would mean and what the only solution looked like. The capital correspondent of the ZEIT has that Refugee camp Visited several times and is still in contact with local NGOs and helpers.

The German government is trying to combat the coronavirus primarily through social and physical isolation of its citizens. A ban on contact has been in force since Monday. A different strategy was chosen in South Korea: In addition to other measures, comprehensive tests were carried out to determine whether as many people as possible were infected or not. With this approach, South Korea is repeatedly cited as a good example of how to contain and suppress the coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends this approach. If this virus can be contained by testing a lot and with whom and how much is currently being tested in Germany, explains Jakob Wittmann, editor in the knowledge department at ZEIT ONLINE.

And otherwise? In Corona times, people not only clapped and sang on the balcony, but also ran a marathon.

Assistance: Katharina Heflik, Anne Schwedt
Moderation: Fabian Scheler

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