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USA cuts aid to Afghanistan | TIME ONLINE


The United States will provide aid to Afghanistan initially by a billion
Cut US dollars (930 million euros), another cut is pending next year. The decision was made after
failed talks between competing Afghan
Top politicians. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo traveled to Kabul on Monday to support the formation of a new government, but initially left Afghanistan without comment.

The United States had an agreement in Qatar with representatives of the militant Islamist Taliban on ways to peace
 signed in Afghanistan. The agreement should be a deduction from the
Initiate US troops from Afghanistan over several stages and speed them up
 lead peace talks within Afghanistan.

In Kabul however, the incumbent President Aschraf Ghani and his
Counterparty Abdullah Abdullah continues on who won the last presidential election and thus legitimately head of state
 is. Ghani was the official winner after the election in September 2019
been announced. Prime Minister Abdullah did not recognize the result
 and called out a counter-government. Both had themselves as president
sworn in. Due to the unclear situation, the planned peace talks have not yet been possible.

Pompeo announces further cut

The US is "disappointed with the behavior of the two Afghan
Rivals, "said Pompeo after returning from Kabul. Failure to adhere to a unified government
form, have relations between the United States and Afghanistan
"damaged". According to the Secretary of State, one
A billion dollars in aid will be canceled with immediate effect
A further billion dollar cut is expected next year

After visiting Kabul, Pompeo was for talks with leaders
the radical Islamic Taliban traveled further to Qatar. On the
Al-Udeid Air Force Base operated by US and other forces in
in the Gulf state, he met the Taliban chief negotiator Mullah
Baradar said a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department said.
Pompeo had to "comply with the last month
signed agreement ".

The Afghan government had the first with the Taliban at the weekend
 Discussions were held about the arrangements for an exchange of prisoners. The
Exchange is central to the agreement between the United States and
the Taliban to end the conflict. Because the Afghan government
 and the Taliban disagree on this issue, that point became
not yet implemented. The exchange of initially 1,500o prisoners was postponed again in mid-March. The agreement stipulated that up to 5,000
Taliban fighters captured and up to a thousand displaced Afghani
Soldiers are released.

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