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How Claus Kleber became famous in Turkey | TIME ONLINE


Read the Turkish original here. The text has been edited slightly for the German version.

Asks every year
the Ipsos Institute subjects in 23 countries which professions they trust most.
In Germany and the Turkey are scientists and doctors that
Politicians are at the bottom.

Despite this
Similarities are the consequences of the Corona crisis in both societies
different, starting with the transparency:

As the beginning of March
the number of cases in Europe rose rapidly, the virus seemed even in Turkey
not to have arrived. My answer to questions in this regard was: "Yours
Government does not know how to hide. "The initial default
led to indifference in the population: "Nothing happens to us." Piling up
Corona messages from hospitals are already on social media. Against the
Widening was identified. Only when it could no longer be kept secret
the government gradually released figures.

Merkel, the reluctant
is on television, has appeared in front of the cameras several times since the beginning of the crisis
To inform the population, Erdoğan, on the other hand, likes to look at the screen
shows, remained silent in the first week of the crisis. Then when he spoke, he recommended
"Patience and Prayer".

That in the
Turkey recently relied on religious instead of secular upbringing
there are more mosques than schools and more clergymen than doctors
Belief instead of science, trust in God instead of precautionary measures and
Conspiracy theories promoted instead of reasoning. So stayed while
even the Vatican churches closed, in Turkey the mosques were initially untouched,
Friday prayers were not prevented, pilgrims returning home were distributed
free in the country. When the last group was quarantined, it was closed

Since the press is almost completely under the government,
the whispered newspaper spread faster than the virus. To the seriousness of
To clarify the situation, Mahner then addressed Merkel to the nation and
Claus Klebers Corona plain text in today
with Turkish subtitles on the net.

Mention here
also the Germans' ability to abide by the rules and their skill
of the Turks to bypass them. Out of distrust of the restrictive state
the majority of Turks are used to breaking bans. That's why she found it
Commandment to stay at home, no hearing. The quarantine grew in Germany
social relationships anyway existing distance, in Turkey, where
individual life is not very common and young people mostly live with their parents,
the warning to avoid closeness did not work. The danger was not taken
serious, met in large groups, anxious stormed the supermarkets. A
Group tried to escape the quarantine in a rental bus, she was on the way
stopped. The virus spread in no time. It will no doubt become political
To have consequences. I would not be surprised if the trust survey in
next year in Turkey the answer is: "Claus Kleber".

From the Turkish by Sabine Adatepe


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