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The Government decides to extend the state of alarm for the coronavirus for 15 days



The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, this morning has transferred the regional presidents who will ask Congress for the extension of the alarm status for another 15 days, as autonomous sources have leaked.

Sanchez He appeared before the media this Saturday after nine o'clock at night to report the coronavirus crisis without self-criticism and while the citizens of Madrid and other Spanish cities organized a pan at nine o'clock at night to protest against his management.

"We need to buy time to contain the virus and we follow the containment strategy set by the World Health Organization.", he claimed.

"Madrid is where the greatest tensions exist in the health system, there are still critical days, we need to get strong at the end of next week"he added.

Sánchez said that "we still need to be hit by the hardest wave"so he has asked the population to prepare for days"very hard"

He also explained that his government works to get all the medical supplies hospitals need, by purchasing in foreign markets "currently very aggressive" and asking Spanish industries to focus their production on this type of goods.



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