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SPD and Greens criticize Bavaria's advance | TIME ONLINE


The SPD leadership criticized the advance of Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in the case of exit restrictions to contain the corona virus. "Anyone who now acts as if he or she knows the magic formula for dealing with this situation is throwing sand in the eyes of the citizens," SPD chief Norbert Walter-Borjans told the newspapers of the Funke media group. "It would be better if the countries acted as agreed with the chancellor."

The Prime Ministers of the federal states want to discuss further measures to combat the virus epidemic with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on Sunday. Bavaria, like Saarland, announced exit restrictions on Friday. As of Saturday, citizens are only allowed to leave their apartments for compelling reasons. Other federal states also adopted new measures to restrict public life.

There are obviously too many citizens who are unable to "keep a life-threatening danger away from themselves and others," said Walter-Borjans. However, the proportionality of the measures must be preserved. Co-party leader Saskia Esken said: "The ban on leaving home would be a particularly drastic measure. It would hit many responsible people hard, and the positive would also have enormous negative effects."

Corona crisis – "We are shutting down public life almost completely"
Bavaria imposes nationwide exit restrictions to curb the corona virus. These are valid for two weeks from Friday night, said Prime Minister Söder.
© Photo: Reuters TV

Ex-SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel also criticized the Bavarian approach. "I would prefer the federal states to coordinate with each other," Gabriel said in a video interview with the newspaper image. His main concern is that "this is now diverging".

The Greens federal chairwoman Annalena Baerbock described it counterproductive if the Bavarian prime minister now rushed forward. Söder chaired the prime ministerial conference and was supposed to coordinate, she told the newspaper The world. There should be no overbidding competition between the countries.

Before that, the Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer also had the von Bavaria and the exit restrictions imposed on the Saarland. It is "unfortunate that two federal states have advanced". It was clearly agreed that a uniform path would be taken.

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