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Singular Bank relies on Inversis and launches its first funds, a range of profiles


Javier Marín takes a new step in his business plan with Singular Bank. He leaned on the manager of Inversis Banco (of the Banca March group) to launch the first investment funds with the Singular brand, a range of five profiles. The relationship of Marín and Inversis was already established with other prior agreements.

The private bank has chosen Inversis Gestión to house and manage its new Singular Multiactivos, some funds of funds with different risk profiles that invest in third-party managers, usually international. In this equation, Singular Bank acts as promoter of the funds and also as an investment advisor.

The range, registered as a compartment bottom To streamline its structure and reduce costs, it is made up of five profiles: Multi-assets 20, with a maximum volatility target of less than 5% per year and up to 20% exposure in equities; Multi-assets 40, maximum volatility of 10% and between 20% and 40% of the stock market; Multi-assets 60, up to 15% volatility and 40% to 60% in stocks; Multi-assets 80, volatility cap of 25% and equities between 60% and 80%, and the most risky of all, Multi-assets 100, with a maximum volatility of 30% and exposed from 80% to 100% at parquet, according to their respective brochures.

All funds emphasize that they have an “active and flexible management” and The range's management fees range from 0.5% to 1.2%. Although they carry the Singular brand, which is the one that Marín launched in January for the bank's VIP clients (from 500,000 euros), in his case the Singular Multi-assets do not have a minimum initial investment, which is only what participation in every market moment.

The team that will recommend what is invested and what is not directed by Carlos Pérez Parada, who came from Andbank, and also Mónica Rueda, from Novo Banco. The macroeconomic context marks it Alicia Coronil Jónsson, its chief economist and who was signed from the Círculo de Empresarios.


Singular Bank and Inversis Banco not only work together for this project. At the end of 2019, the bank of Marín and Warburg Pincus, which still retained the name of Self Bank after their acquisition, chose Inversis as its wholesale fund platform, a necessary previous step to the one he has now taken with the profiled funds and that he was already using for the open architecture of the bank.

In addition, last September it was associated with Carlos Val-Carreres, former manager of César Alierta in Lierde Sicav, to support his proyecto value ’fund project. The manager is responsible for the Value Strategy Fund. It is managed by Inversis Gestión, but it is distributed in both Self Bank (Singular Bank) and Inversis Banco.

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