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Sánchez does not make any self-criticism despite the cacerolada against the Government


The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has appeared before the media to report the coronavirus crisis without self-criticism and while the citizens of Madrid and other Spanish cities have organized a pan at nine o'clock at night to protest against his management.

"We need to buy time to contain the virus and we follow the containment strategy set by the World Health Organization."he stated.

"Madrid is where the greatest tensions exist in the health system, there are still critical days, we need to get strong at the end of next week", has added.

Sánchez has said that "we still need to be hit by the hardest wave"so he has asked the population to prepare for days"very hard"

He has also explained that his government works to get all the medical supplies hospitals need, by purchasing in foreign markets "currently very aggressive" and asking Spanish industries to focus their production on this type of goods.

The Ministry of Health has indicated that cases of coronavirus in Spain now stand at 24,926, compared to almost 20,000 confirmed at noon on Friday. In addition, the deceased have increased from 1,002 to 1,326. This implies that detected cases have increased by 25% and that deaths have risen by 32%. There are more than 1,600 patients in the ICU and those recovered from the infection reach 2,640 cases.

The Ministry of Health will distribute this Saturday between the autonomous communities 500,000 masks for professionals and 800,000 for patients. In addition, it has acquired over 700 respirators and 640,000 PCR diagnostic tests.

The director of the Carlos III Health Institute, Rachel Yotti, highlighted that in Spain they have already been carried out 355,000 diagnoses using PCR and that they are being carried out between 15,000 and 20,000 PCR daily, a figure "similar and even higher" than that of other countries of the European Union.

The Ministry of Transport will buy "maximum" of eight million masks to distribute them among freight carriers and travelers by road, the staff that works in Renfe, Adif, Aena, Puertos del Estado and Correos.

For its part, the Government of Italy has confirmed this Saturday the death of 793 people nationwide in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus pandemic, which represents a new daily record, totaling 4,825 deaths and 42,681 infections after detecting 4,821 new cases.


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