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Italy adds 793 deaths in a single day from the coronavirus, totaling 4,825


The government of Italy has confirmed this Saturday the death of 793 people nationwide in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus pandemic, in what is a new daily record, until totaling 4,825 deceased Y 42,681 infections after detecting 4,821 new cases.

A total of 6,072 persons have already been discharged, 943 in one day. However, a total of 2,857 patients are still in intensive care, 202 more in 24 hours.

The rebound is mainly due to the new figures registered in the region of Lombardy, the most affected in the country, where 546 people have died in 24 hours, as reported by the regional health care adviser Giulio Gallera.

The person in charge of giving the national figures, the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, wanted to thank above all the work of the health workers in these dark hours.

"I want to thank the doctors who answered the call, we had a very important number, we thank everyone who joined, who will be quickly dispatched to Lombardy and other territories where doctors will be needed," said Borrelli.


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