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Erik Flügge, born in 1986, is a Catholic, bestselling author and political advisor. Here he describes his church from the outside – alternating with the pastor Hanna Jacobs.
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Because of Corona, a lot happens in the churches. Specialist conferences and training courses, services and meetings. All cancellations end with the line: We will make up for the event at the appropriate time. Please do not!

What exactly should the coming autumn look like? At the same time as the far too many Catholic and Evangelical conferences that take place every autumn, are there still too many Catholic and Evangelical conferences from the spring that have now been postponed?

Isn't it rather time to ask the question: does it need all these conferences? What exactly is the added value of the many encounters, except that they are suitable for spreading flu, corona and runny nose? What exactly is the effect of the many networks, training courses, meetings and discussion events?

Why exactly do we want to catch up on conferences in autumn if we could still work on the results of the last conference? What do all the reflections bring if the result is always that one was mentally stimulated but forgets to do it? In the end, what are all these meetings, training sessions and conferences other than time that you spend together instead of being there for people at home?

People who do and plan constantly have little time to confer.

Networking only has added value if it is not used to build a wagon castle based on the same convictions. If it is not used to confirm to yourself in a cozy atmosphere that everything can remain as it always was. Networks are needed when people really want to get together in these in order to achieve something together.

Of course, this text does injustice to individuals. Of course I know the people who make something out of every encounter. Peter Otten in Cologne, for example. Pastoral speaker and full of zest for action. A person who constantly welds all the people he meets into new concrete actions. There are, those who constantly check themselves and then start trying to do things better. The very people who are constantly doing and planning have little time for all the many conferences. They are happy about any appointment that is nothing more than a conference call. In my opinion, this is exactly where the current situation stands. Let's just do the opposite of all the meetings this spring on site: Go online without risk of infection. The technology for this has long been invented.

In this way, we enable those who want to tear something that they can participate more easily and all those who have not tried anything after the last conference, we save a lot of time in which they can do it.


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