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What the Dead Tell Us About the Virus | TIME ONLINE


The corona virus continues to spread in Germany, and the number of infected people increases every day. The Robert Koch Institute classifies the risk assessment for people as "high". Even if only a few infected people have severe symptoms, including pneumonia, there have been more than 30 deaths in Germany as a result of the corona pandemic. The infection poses a real danger, especially for older people. Linda Fischer from the knowledge department has dealt with the previous deaths from the corona virus in more detail. Across from What now?Moderator Ole Pflüger gives them insights into the numbers available for the deceased. It also shows the connections between the deaths in Germany and those in other countries.

Two British stock traders have been convicted of tax evasion in the criminal case surrounding the cum-ex tax affair. The Bonn regional court imposed a year and ten month sentence on Martin S., which was suspended for probation. It also ordered the withdrawal of 14 million euros from its assets. The second defendant, Nicholas D., received one year suspended probation for aiding and abetting tax evasion. Both stock traders are said to have tricked stock dividends between 2006 and 2011 and cheated the German state by 440 million euros. It is the first time that actors of the cum-ex affair have been convicted in Germany. What does this mean for the German judiciary? Felix Rohrbeck talks about the standards that this judgment sets and whether there will be further processes.

Also: how long will my toilet paper last?

Assistance: Konstantin Zimmermann, Mathias Peer
Moderation: Ole Pflüger

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