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The mess express starts … | TIME ONLINE


For a long time
Driving is simply a good thing, from the back seat again and again
"When are we finally there?" to call. Otherwise it would not be a real trip, otherwise
something would be missing. It is good to call this as early as possible and if possible
chirping, best after a few meters, best before you
started at all.

And we are yes
in this whole mess express just not even right
set off. We're just buckling up, and some really need it
provocatively long. And of course you suddenly sit in the back seat
Child, powerless and rather helpless, his trust was inevitable
giving away because you don't want to keep it. And only in secret
sometimes it's a relief feeling: not sitting on the steering wheel yourself
to have to. It is still discussed up front which route is the best, and
you listen carefully, remember new, glittering,
world-expanding words ("epidemic", "over-mortality", "Ischgl") and nods
in addition, not out of agreement, but because nodding relaxes the neck. In regular
Gaps are smiled backwards from the steering wheel. You know that smile.
You know how hard it is. And you are grateful for every effort.

It's loud here
in the back seat. No wonder, there are almost eight billion people sitting there. And
some still frantically smear sandwiches and some have their sandwiches
already eaten and some say you don't need any sandwiches, and a lot
many have no sandwiches at all, and some shout that they do
The word "sandwiches" can no longer be heard. Most watch
worried from the window, behind which there is not much to see yet, only one
little world that doesn't even notice how much it trembles.

And some tell jokes
and some are trying to sleep, and some are awkward with wide monopoly fixtures
and some prefer to play "I see something you don't see" and the answer
is always: one yourself. Some are hectically studying map material and some
are already homesick and some insult the drivers and some insult
the driver insult and some scold that now really no time to
Scold and some have forgotten their toothbrush and some have to
Luck replacement toothbrushes, and it is often astonishing
calm. You only hear whispers: "How are you?" and "Are you okay?" and again and again
"Thank you", and the "thank you" sounds very nice every time.

Some climb
only now, and at the other end of the back seat the first are already rising
out again. You look tired. You are tired. Appearance also has something else
has to do than to deceive.

And no, of course
it is better not to shout this time "when are we finally there?". You try it
not even thinking very loudly. Instead, you keep nodding all the way
gently, because you can pretend to be asked.

Now it will be soon
really go, it will be every second. There are already the suburbs
Avenues, furniture stores, all that kind of stuff, and everything that the speedometer has is getting faster
you are always in view. It will be bumpy if you are lucky, only very much
Bumpy, you know that, even if you prefer not to know. Bumpy and
long and huihuihuihui. You jerk the belt again, look to the left, look
right, you could wave, but you'd better not. It's going home.

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