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The CNMV intervenes the Esfera Capital securities agency for an incident with derivatives


The CNMV has agreed to the intervention of Capital Sphere, Securities Agency, after being informed by the entity itself of a equity gap derived of an incident related to the management of derivative positions of a limited number of clients. The measure, which is adopted in accordance with the modality of mere intervention (not the replacement of administrators), has been taken at the request of the entity.

"At this time, the entity is considering various options to resolve the situation which, always in accordance with the information provided by it, could have a maximum equity impact of approximately six million euros"explained the regulator.

"The CNMV, given the uncertainty that these events generate for the normal development of the entity's activity and in order to guarantee adequate protection for all its clients, has deemed it appropriate to agree on the intervention measure", has added.

"Also according to information provided by the entity itself, the incidence that has led to the adoption of the intervention measure directly affects only Capital Sphere, Securities Agency and not to other companies in the group, such as Sphere Capital Gestión SGIIC, and in particular it does not affect the assets or financial situation of the investment funds and SICAV managed by Esfera Capital Gestión SGIIC,"the statement has concluded.

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