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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Iberdrola, Audax, CaixaBank, NextEra, Sempra, WEC Energy and Apple


Next, we give answers to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Iberdrola, Apple, Audax Renovables, CaixaBank, NextEra Energy, Sempra Energy, WEC Energy and Telefónica.

Technical analysis

Good morning, Mr. José María. I regularly follow your interesting reports and would be interested to know if it is a good time to resume shopping at Iberdrola, or do you think you can continue correcting? Also, I would like to ask you if it may be a good time to also enter Apple, as it is an action that the guy is holding up very well despite the "crash" he experienced. Thanks in advance, regards. J.S.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Iberdrola It is one of the few stocks in our market that, despite the significant falls in recent weeks, remains bullish in terms of the medium and long term. In fact and since the lows of 2012 we have a straight support that joins the ever-growing lows since then and which currently passes by approximately 7.10-7.20 euros. Let's say that all support on this straight should be understood, a priori, as an opportunity to try again on the upside. What is really important is that the price continues to build long-term rising lows and highs. And so it does not fall. Let's say it is a value where you can sleep relatively calm no matter what the market does.

As to Manzana and although it is true that we have no figure of any return in the title, I like the area in the listing. At the gates of the previous all-time highs that it set in 2018. Which leaves the door open for us to face a possible ‘throw back’ to the previous highs, now support. In addition we have two perfect bearish momentum, which means that the current price zone is support. This title, despite declines in recent weeks, remains impeccably bullish, like many of the so-called FANGs. The big tech companies are the ones that are putting up with the downpour best. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, I have purchased Audax Renovables at 2.02 euros and my intention is to keep them for at least a year. Do you think we can see the February highs throughout 2020? Or the year is already lost. Thank you. F.J.

Dear investor, good afternoon. It is important that Audax Renovables try to hold on at current price levels as we have you back in support zone again. At the top of the old bullish channel. So what we have is a kind of double 'throw back' to the top of the channel, formerly resistance and now support. What can be very dangerous for the listed company is that the support it presents at the October 2018 lows is punctured: at 1.17 euros. It is critical that this last price level is respected yes or yes. As for whether the year is lost, no one knows. But experience shows us that with current levels of panic, it is normal for prices to be on average well above current references within a year, for the market as a whole. But don't forget that we always talk in terms of probability. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good morning, José María. I have CaixaBank shares bought at 2.90 euros and I do not know whether to keep them longer because the fall of all banking in blocks has been a heart attack. Fear gives me that this is not fixed and lasts many months with the consequent damage to the economy of our country and of the whole world. I prefer to lose a significant amount to an indecent amount. Thank you very much for your advice. ACE.

Dear reader, good afternoon. CaixaBank, like the European financial sector that is in all time lowsIt is not a good time. Virtually no company is going through a good time, let's not kid ourselves. The title is trying to grab hold of the support it presents at the 2016 lows. And if the next stop pierces it, we find it at the 2012 lows. falls. It is a simple bounce from important support levels. Nothing else. Thank you very much, greetings.

Good afternoon, José María. Please, of these three US energy companies, which two would you choose: NextEraEnergy, Sempra Energy and WEC Energy Group. Thanks and best regards. A.GC.

Dear investor, good afternoon. First of all, let me tell you that the three companies you ask us about are impeccably bullish in terms of the medium and long term. Starting by NextEraEnergy and as can be seen in the monthly long-term chart, the trend despite the recent falls is clearly bullish, although it is true that there is no more or less clear support area. The increasing lows and highs are still there and so, with their intermediate corrections (reaction phases), it is only possible to continue climbing positions.

As to WEC EnergyIt is perhaps the strongest of the three. It is enough as weekly candles this week and with everything that has fallen in the markets, it has dared to set new historical highs. Which denotes a clear background strength of the electric.

And finally, Sempra EnergyHe seems to have found interesting support at the 2016 lows: $ 88. And below it presents another potential support area at approx. 80 dollars. Otherwise we are talking about another clearly bullish title in terms of the medium and long term. But the strongest of all is WEC Energy right now. Thanks to you, greetings.

Good Morning. I have Telefónica shares bought at 5.40 euros at the end of February. I am a long-term investor and I am not in a hurry to sell, because with the dividend alone I think it is worth being in this value. What do your charts tell you? The volatility of the stock and the market in recent times is incredible. I have never experienced anything like it. Thank you very much for your kind advice, greetings.

Dear reader, good afternoon. Well, the charts say that the significant increases in recent days have been exhausted in the resistance zone that the operator presents in the last of the weekly dips and little more. The bounce of Telefónica It has been violent (close to 30%) but with everything and with that right now another 30% falls from the February highs. But it is that even if it bounced towards the resistance, before support, of the 5.30 euros, everything would fit within what is a simple 'pull back' and nothing else. What is clear is that as long as we do not have a global figure back, any rise will be part of a simple rebound or proportional reaction phase. And of the dividend, if you are a reader, you will know that this is only a placebo effect since what you enter in the current account is subtracted from the share price. Even worse, because you receives less when taking into account withholding tax. Thank you very much gentleman, greetings.

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