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The main suspect in the murder of the Kassel government president Walter Lübcke is burdened by new evidence, according to a media report. The mirror According to a file with "precautionary rules" was stored on an encrypted USB stick, the investigators found with the suspected right-wing extremist Stephan E. These are scanned handwritten notes that E. apparently wrote as a reminder.

Accordingly, it was read there, among other things, that textile traces and DNA traces at the crime scene had to be avoided. The text also emphasizes the importance of good local knowledge.

Again mirror reported, the "planned procedure" for killing Lübcke according to the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) was also made clear by statements by E. that "camouflage marks" were used on the drive to the victim's house, which were attached over the real license plates and later removed .

According to the BGH, E. and his accomplice Markus H. Lübcke had unmasked despite all efforts to avoid traces – and thus, unlike a "planned killing", exposed themselves to the "risk of identification by the victim". E.'s defense attorney announced at the request of mirror with that the file on the USB stick comes from before 2010 and has no relation to the Lübcke case.

Lübcke had been found dead on the terrace of his apartment building in Wolfhagen-Istha in northern Hesse on the night of June 2. He was shot. Investigators assume that the right-wing extremist background did exist. E. initially confessed to the act, but revoked his confession after a few days. E. recently accused his accomplice of firing the fatal shot.

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