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Binance recently moved 76,125 BTC at a rate of just $ 1.50 USD


It should be nice to have the same amount of Bitcoin as the powerful Binance. The gigantic exchange has just moved $ 470.8mn in BTC (76,125) for a minuscule fee of $ 1.50.

When the worst is over and we get out of this current crisis, more eyes will eventually focus on Bitcoin. Not only has it not stopped trading during mass selling like in traditional markets, but it continues to demonstrate superiority at almost every level.

Imagine being able to move that amount of fiat currency. It would be a long process that would involve third parties and some fairly large commissions. If the transfer were international, the forex fees would be three digits.

However, Binance was able to move 76,125 BTC for just 0.00021672 BTC (approximately $ 1.50).

The transaction generated some panic among merchants due to the large amount moved and knowing that it was towards an unknown wallet, but, the CEO of Binance appeared in the publication clarifying that it was an internal transfer of the exchange and also pointed out that it was not good to generate panic among merchants.

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