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Corona unemployment: "Three quarters of my annual income is lost"


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, shops, music schools, sports venues, theaters, pubs and clubs are currently closed. Many small business owners and the self-employed are particularly hard hit: their income is now lost. Here seven of them tell what it is like to suddenly stop working.

Matthias Weimer, 32, artist manager from Offenbach

I have been working independently as a booking and
Artist manager. With our Plantage 13 agency, we mainly represent
Artists in the electronic music field. Most
we plan three to six months in advance. That means: the trips
all are booked, advertising is on, the tickets are sold –
and now the clubs are closing. All the shows that we're up to
had canceled until the end of March. A lot of the clubs will too
in the
April closed, nobody knows what will be in May. No
an insurance that works in such a situation.

I will not make any sales in the near future, after
the current status is 15 to 20 percent annual losses. For me
That: In a month I have to pay my savings to pay rent and
To cover costs. What worries me: it starts at the end of May
Festival season.
This is the most profitable time of the year, for artists, agencies and
Organizer. Even if the festivals can take place: early April
ticket sales on and we will see strong losses. The
that we still have to expect lower earnings. Should
the situation will drag into the summer, a lot of the clubs will
Festivals and artists in Europe massive financial
Having trouble.

That is why my appeal to politics is very clear:
Rescue packages are also said to help small businesses and artists
Help artists. Especially artists who are at the beginning of their careers
it particularly hard. Most now go to the studio and use it
time to
To make music. I have no choice but to hope that
Situation improved as soon as possible.

Vika *, 31, self-employed sex worker and performer from Berlin

 Performances as a performer are moving
the interface between art and eroticism. Many organizers
are currently canceling their events. That's why I have until at least the end
April no bookings. Even as a sex worker, it is not
Simple: The brothel I'm working in closes earlier this week.
My customers who I meet outside the brothel are also saying
their appointments. Some are afraid. Some want to
behave responsibly. One of my regular customers is
Example doctor. He said that he won't see me in the next few weeks
 can. His reasoning: It has an official recommendation for
Health care workers are given as little social contact as
 possible to have. I can understand him well and I also find it
necessary for events to be canceled: only in this way can the spread of the
virus to be slowed down.

On the other hand, I know
not exactly how I can make ends meet financially. be friends
help me out. But I don't know how long theirs
Support is enough. What scares me most right now is that I don't have any
Have any idea how to proceed. Many customers and organizers are waiting to see what happens. And I make myself
 Worried about my colleagues. A lot of sex workers I know
are single mothers. They chose this job because of the flexible working hours and because it is often paid better than you
trained profession. It now hits uncertainty even harder.


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