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The Trump Administration wants a trillion dollar stimulus plan


The American Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, wants to promote an economic stimulus plan valued at One billion dollars to counteract the negative impact of the coronavirus on economic activity.

Commissioned by Donald trump, Mnuchin will visit Congress this Tuesday to seek the support of the Republican party, since the plan must obtain the approval of the Capitol, as reported by Politico and The Washington Post.

The plan will include $ 50 billion in aid to the airline industry, one of the most affected by the health crisis. Congress is already debating measures to expand unemployment insurance and make testing for coronavirus more affordable.

The White House has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of a payroll tax exemption during 2020 and several lawmakers have also proposed giving money directly to Americans by check.

On Monday, the Democratic leader of the Senate, Chuck schumer, advanced that his party will propose an aid package of at least $ 750 billion which would include measures such as a moratorium or forgiveness of federal loans and a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures.


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