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"The Coronavirus will not affect the Mainnet Shelley schedule"



Cardano (ADA) co-founder and IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has reassured skeptics about progress with plans for the launch of the Shelley core network. According to him, the Cardano timeline remains unchanged and is unaffected by the current Coronavirus outbreak.

The coronavirus pandemic has been problematic not only for health, but also for many companies. In addition to taking its toll on the stock market, it has seriously disrupted these companies, slowing down the progress of some and ultimately arresting others. However, the Cardano community will be happy that things run smoothly, even when the outbreak worsens.

Hoskinson appealed to Twitter to announce this, solving any questions about Shelley. He wrote:

Shelley has not been delayed due to the crown. We are in our internal schedule ».

The co-founder's tweet was prompted by a post from a shared news website on Twitter. The post suggested that due to the coronavirus, Cardano had postponed the launch of the Shelley core network. Apparently angry about the post, Hoskinson asked to be will remove the page, specifically calling it "faken news".

The post has since been removed.

Although Hoskinson says coronavirus is not an issue, he did not suggest a release date for Shelley. At the moment, the Cardano community is not quite sure when Shelley will be released.

The Shelley core network is an update from Cardano that allows for rethinking and the opportunity to earn incentives. According to Cardano's roadmap, it is the second of five eras that are Byron, Shelley, Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire.

In a YouTube video Posted in February, Hoskinson gave some updates on Cardano's progress, including Shelley's. At the time, he said the plan was to announce a date for Shelley's launch in late February. He said at the time:

"There will be some terms and conditions about it, but I think we will have a high degree of certainty for that dated band that we will announce."

While it may be good news that the job is running smoothly, members of the Cardano community on Twitter seem to be unimpressed with the time it takes for an official Shelley release.


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