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Cryptobuyer will list XPT this Thursday on more than three exchanges


After months of work and with the guarantee of prestige achieved during five years of experience, the Latin American company Cryptobuyer announced for this March 19 the launch of its new cryptocurrency that can be used as a form of payment from the first day of its launch.

In a time of global and financial reordering, where trends point to cryptocurrencies and digital money as evolutionary priorities, the XPT token is activated
in a market with hundreds of businesses in Latin America that will accept it, affiliates
to the Cryptobuyer Pay Points of Sale.

Additionally it will be listed by more than three exchanges simultaneously where you can
be acquired and exchanged by individuals and interested parties who want to take advantage of this new transaction alternative, which has the trust and reputation of those who have bet on the company since its inception, and important international financiers such as the Invictus Capital investment fund (first fund of tokenized risk capital of the world), who saw the potential of Cryptobuyer to establish itself as the leading platform for innovation in the Latin American market.

Cryptobuyer's ATM network in Panama, as well as those that will soon be installed in Venezuela and Spain, as part of the expansion of the Latin American company, will also be another alternative to acquire and redeem XPT.

Incentives and awards for loyalty and the use of cryptocurrencies

Since its launch XPT is shaping up with an added value to the possibility of trading like the rest of digital currencies, since among its characteristics is being a permanent incentive for the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies, offering consumers discounts and points loyalty for its use in the different commercial establishments where Cryptobuyer and its allies have a presence.

XPT is based on the ERC 20 protocol of the Ethereum blockchain, previously audited by the San Francisco Applicature company and will be listed in its first stage by the Liquid, Bitmart, Hubi and Coineal exchanges, all with BTC / XPT pairs.

The official listing will be on Thursday, March 19, at 10 am UTC-4. Deposits can be made exactly 24 hours before, that is, on Wednesday, March 18 at 10 am UTC -4. While withdrawals can be made on Friday, March 20, 24 hours after the listing.

Exchanges that will list it have decided to join the incentive policy that will characterize XPT. In this way Bitmart will hold a deposit contest in which those who participate will be able to choose $ 3,000 in prizes.

For lovers of trading Bitmart will also make a special contest with 7000 USD to deliver in the new cryptocurrency (XPT). For its part, Hubi will host a deposit contest in which $ 1,000 in XPT is available for prizes. The same amount will apply for a trading competition, which the mentioned exchange has also
encouraged to perform.

Cryptobuyer: 5 years of experience with support, high recognition and international valuation

With five years of operation, the Latin American company Cryptobuyer is already listed on the Hyperion Fund and has leveraged its operation with the support of an investment group from Vancouver, Canada, the Fintech Association of Panama (of which it is the founder) and the Blockchain Iberoamerica Alliance, to whom it also belongs.

Within the innovation process that characterizes it, it was the first company in the world to install a Bitcoin ATM in a large Commercial Bank in Panama City and has structured plans for the installation of ATMs in Venezuela and Spain in the near future.

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