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Constitutional Court Approves Putin's Reforms TIME ONLINE


Of Russia Constitutional Court has declared the constitutional reform proposed by President Vladimir Putin to be lawful. The controversial changes are in line with the constitution, the court said. On April 22, the final step is for citizens to vote on the plans. The reform could allow Putin to extend his term.

The constitutional court had passed through after signing the law Putin had seven days to make his decision on Saturday. However, quick approval was expected, as the Putin court has never ruled against the government. A decree on the referendum in April will be published in the following days. Despite the corona virus, the government wants to stick to the date.

The reform provides for an expansion of the president's powers. If MPs agree, Putin will also have the opportunity to apply for a maximum of two additional terms. After the end of his current and current constitution after the last term in 2024, he could remain in office until 2036. Critics and opposition figures speak of an attempted "coup" by Putin.

Furthermore, the constitutional amendment defines a conservative orientation of Russia, and marriage is defined as the sole connection between a man and a woman. The State Duma and Parliament had already passed the reform. The changes mean the biggest
Constitutional reform in history Of Russia.


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