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Three values ​​of the Ibex that manage to remain, despite everything, in an upward trend


The Ibex 35 has suffered a historic crash since February 20.

The selective spanish It has lost close to 40% of its value, which has led it to drill each and every one of the supports found on its way. The next season is at 6,000 points, 2012 lows. It is important that the Spanish selective manages to hold itself above this price level, although the key resistance is at 7,579 points. We will not appreciate a signal of strength as long as it remains trading below this price level. Although we can see a rebound, we must bear in mind that the technical perspectives of the Spanish index have been severely complicated. Despite everything, there are values ​​within the Ibex that have managed to maintain the type such as Cellnex, Iberdrola and Acciona

The deep declines of the last sessions in Cellnex They have taken their listing to the vicinity of the 200-session average, an average where it seems that it is trying to hold on. The main upward trend is maintained although it is important that it manage to rise, in the next few days, above the level of 40 euros. This would be a sign of strength that would make us think of an extension of earnings to the level of 46 euros, highs of the bearish gap that was left last day 9.

Iberdrola Like Cellnex, it tries to hold onto the 200-session average after a 27% drop in six sessions. Its main trend is bullish although, as has been the case in all stocks, it has left several gaps to the downside that we believe could condition its technical evolution in the coming days. It is important that it ends up immediately covering the bearish gap that was left this Thursday at 9.48 euros. A close above this price level would be a sign of strength that would invite us to think about an attack at the $ 11.34 level, all-time highs reached less than a month ago.

Drives It also struggles not to lose the 200-session average and maintain the main uptrend. Although last Thursday it pierced the support of 87.35 euros, we have seen the return of purchases again. It is important for the Ibex 35 company to stabilize its price above 100 euros again. This would be magnificent news that would make us think that the earnings would have been extended to the level of $ 126.70, the highest in recent years reached on the 4th.


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