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In France Despite the corona virus, around 48 million citizens and 300,000 EU citizens are called on this Sunday to go to the polling stations in all 35,000 municipalities. It applies the
To determine mayors of all cities and municipalities. But people can no longer go to church or to the restaurant: in the fight against Covid-19
the country does not have all
vital "public places are closed for the time being. Since Sunday night applies
a new government order that more or more public life in the country
less paralyzed

The enactment was made for good reason. According to the constantly updated
France is one of the strongest of the numbers with around 4,500 registered infections Corona virus affected European countries. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe appears on television every day. He gives himself most
concerned and stressed that the spread of the virus in the country despite
speed up the protective measures taken dramatically. "I say it with
Emphasis: We all need to be more disciplined to do this
Apply measures, "said Philippe, who is the mayor of the city of Le Havre himself, on Saturday evening
Land before a riddle: Why on earth will the local elections then find
instead, as Philippe recently confirmed?

With the decision, the politicians encounter incomprehension. "At the
To hold onto the election is completely incoherent, "says Gaspard, who is based in Paris
Cinema industry works, which is also affected by the closings. "I
go vote, with my own ballpoint pen and my hands in gloves. "
Even Charles, who is running for council in a Paris suburb,
will go vote. As a seconded election assistant, he had no choice. Even so, he is
Stunned: "The decision is completely contradictory – at the same time
they decide to close all public places and shops. "

With that, the government of President Emmanuel Macron in a grotesque
Situation maneuvered. Like the governments in other EU countries, the government in Paris has a hard time with that
To keep pace with the coronavirus pandemic. With staggered individual measures
France is also gradually becoming more and more restricted
decided in public life – as if those responsible had changed themselves from
Your assessment of the situation day by day.

Prohibited France last weekend
initially all meetings with more than 1,000 people, announced Prime Minister Philippe on
Friday afternoon in a television interview that the ban from now on from 100
Attack people. It is about slowing the spread of the virus. in the
In the same interview, the prime minister justified why he still sticks to the election. Voting is no more dangerous than one
A visit to the supermarket, Philippe said, besides, masks, soap and
Disinfectant solutions are ready. "The
will be a day when people have all the recommendations in action
will be able to experience ", Philippe tried to gain something positive from the project.


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