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The SMEs that defer the debt with the treasury will pay interest the third month


That you have to look with a magnifying glass at everything the politicians say is no secret. At this point in the game, no one is surprised that they tell lies, half truths or that they directly invent data if they benefit them more than the real ones. But Pedro Sánchez has opened a new chapter this week and the information has been falsified by a Royal Decree that he himself has signed.

It is neither more nor less than the Royal Decree by which they are adopted urgent measures to respond to the economic impact of COVID-19 presented on Thursday afternoon by the Prime Minister. As detailed by Sánchez himself, it had been decided to grant SMEs deferrals of installments of debts with the administration for six months without interest.

However, this is countered by the text of the Royal Decree itself. Point four of article 14 establishes that the deferment of tax debts will effectively be six months but only the first three will be exempt from default interest.

Although Sánchez's words do not agree with reality, the truth is that this measure seems to have pleased. The General Council of Economists positively values ​​the measures approved in tax matters.

In order to access the debt deferment, the debtor must be a person or entity with volume of operations not exceeding 6.01 million euros in 2019 and as long as its maturity is less than 6 months to count from the entry into force of this royal decree-law.

In addition, the request must be made before the end of the voluntary payment period and must be expressly estimated by the body that issued the concession resolution.

This will inject 14 billion euros of liquidity in the Spanish economy. "We must overcome the storm with the least havoc," said Sánchez during the presentation of the measures, he also regretted that "many companies, SMEs and self-employed" are being affected by the health emergency, with the cancellation of orders and the suspension of events.


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