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Spaniards abroad or in another community may return to their home


The citizens Spaniards who are away from home, either in another autonomous community or abroad, may return home without problems despite the restrictions on mobility imposed by the state of alarm decreed this Saturday by the Government. Likewise, no autonomous community is closed, not even Madrid or Catalonia, but it is prohibited to circulate on public roads everywhere except with authorized exceptions.

As explained Pedro Sánchez In his appearance after the marathon council of ministers on Saturday, citizens who are away for work or vacation will have no problem returning to their home. Of course, while they are displaced in another locality, they must behave like residentsIn other words, limiting exits to the street to authorized cases.

In this assumption are the thousands of madrileños who in the last days left for coastal towns (normally towards his second residence) for fear that the Community of Madrid would close or to "telework" from there. An exodus that received harsh criticism for the danger of spreading the coronavirus to those areas and that caused the confinement in several towns in Murcia and the closure of beaches in Valencia.

The possibility of returning also applies to all those who were traveling abroad for whatever reason (no distinctions are made between work, education and leisure) and that they feared that they would not be able to return to our country due to an eventual closure of borders.

As Sánchez has explained, there are only eight cases in which circulation on public roads is permitted, among which is the acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities. It is also allowed to go outside to attend Health centers, to move to Workplace to carry out their labor, professional or business provision, or to return to their habitual place of residence.

It is also allowed to go out for the assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people, to go to financial entities, "due to force majeure or a situation of need", or for "any other activity of an analogous nature duly justified

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