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Mercadona endures the pull of Lidl: 27% Spanish go to their super … before Covid



It is the giant of supermarkets in Spain and only makes a annual meeting with the media. And it was this week, the same week in which the pandemic by Covid-19 and the declaration of alarm status. Mercadona It has presented results and has made it clear once again that it is the first operator in an increasingly competitive segment.

In the business field, Mercadona assumes that more than one in four Spaniards buys on their shelves. Specifically, its market share has been reinforced, because it would reach 26.9%. The latest data published by Kantar Worldpanel, the panel that measures how large distribution customers are distributed, pointed out that at the end of 2019 their share stood at 25.5%.

Kantar pointed out a few days ago that this last figure only grew by 0.4 points compared to the previous year and that a competitor of the Valencian company grew in 2019 much more significantly. Is about Lidlwhose market share took off last year at 2.5 points. The German giant is making progress, but it still has a much smaller presence in the market, since it placed its market share at 5.6% and is already the fourth largest operator of food distribution.

Who is in second and third position? The two companies that have shared the other two podium positions in recent years: Carrefour Y DAY. The French group slightly cut its share in 2019, by 0.6 points, to 8.7%. While, the group already managed by the Russian magnate Mikhail Fridman has solved the exercise of its great crisis with a cut of 2.9 points, to leave its share at 6.4%.


As for its stores, the data published by Mercadona last week indicates that, on average, about 2,500 customers go to each super of the company chaired by Juan Roig. In the past year, the company's sales rose 5% to 25,500 million euros.

And, during the year, the company increased its purchasing statistics by 80 tickets per store, on average. He assures that, in the last three years, he has registered a cumulative increase of 205 tickets per location.

Mercadona does not disclose the average ticket per establishment. However, given its volume of income (including VAT) and given that it had 1,626 stores at the end of the year (including ten in Portugal), its Average revenue for 'super' stands at 15.6 million euros.

Those are the data for 2019. Figures that given the coronavirus crisis, the state of alarm and the excessive desire to buy unleashed in many supermarkets in recent days means that, for this 2020, the data will be, from one way or another, different.

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