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Apple closes all its stores outside China until March 27 due to coronavirus


Apple has announced the temporary closure of all its stores outside China from this Saturday until March 27th to help minimize the spread of the coronavirus. It also ensures that it will increase donations for global efforts to fight the pandemic.

In a blog posted on the iPhone manufacturer's website, its CEO, Tim Cook, explains that the stores will remain closed until March 27 to protect employees and the public. The company will continue providing services normally online.

"In our offices around the world outside of China we have adopted flexible working formulas. That means teams must work remotely if their position allows it, and those employees whose job requires being on the job should follow a guide to maximize interpersonal space. We will also continue with deep and extensive cleaning throughout. In all our offices, we have implemented temperature measurements and sanitary checks, "continues Cook.

Instead, all Apple stores in Mainland China -close since the beginning of February as it is the epicenter of the outbreak- have now reopened. The CEO has expressed his gratitude to employees in that country for their "determination and spirit", as well as to suppliers for keeping the supply chain running.

Apple's donations to the global response to COVID-19 have reached 15 million worldwide And the company has announced that it will double its employees' donations in each country.


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