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US to retaliate against Shiite militia | TIME ONLINE



The US has after an attack on a military base in Iraq
Retaliatory attacks on the Shiite suspected of being responsible
 Militia flown. The target is five arms stores supported by Iran
Kataib Hezbollah, the Pentagon said. Was involved in the
Attacks, according to US government officials, also include Great Britain.

The United States responded to the attacks Rocket fire at the
international military base in Taji near Baghdad
. Here were on
Wednesday a U.S. soldier, a British soldier and a U.S. citizen
been killed for a private partner of the U.S. Army
had worked. 14 other people were injured, including
US citizens, British and Poles. The base was, according to the
US-led international military coalition hit by 18 missiles

Defense Secretary Mark Esper had a few hours ahead
already threatened the retaliation attack with clear words: "You will
don't shoot at our bases and kill and wound Americans
 and get away with it, "he said. According to the Pentagon, they were
Precision strikes on the militia a "defense measure,
proportionate and a direct response to a threat ".

 Information from informed circles became multiple targets in the metropolitan area
Baghdad hit. The Iraqi military said the US had four
Air strikes against facilities of Iraqi paramilitary units,
 Police and army flown. Less than 50 dead and
Injured, it said. The Iraqi military condemned the attack.

 in the past it was repeatedly too tense
between militias supported by Iran and US troops. The
 Militia Kataib Hezbollah was in a rocket attack in December
a military base in Iraq an American civilian worker
killed. At the height of the escalation with Iran, the United States killed
At the beginning of January, the Iranian top military Kassem Soleimani in Iraq
 a drone attack.



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