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The people of Madrid flee to the beach areas before the closure of the region is decreed


Madrileños disregard the recommendations and in the face of a more than foreseeable closure of the region focused on preventing the further spread of the coronavirus, many have decided to go to beach areas such as Valencia, where some beaches are beginning to close, or Murcia, where the confinement of tourist areas has been decreed. . The good weather, still inappropriate for this time of year, is favoring this flight.

Specifically, the Murcian Government has announced the closure of leisure, tourist and cultural establishments and that labor movements will be restricted. The President of Murcia denounces that "it is shameful" that there are people from outside the region queuing at tourist offices: "I will not allow any more irresponsibility", he said at a press conference.

"We have seen that a person with the disease traveled by train and arrived at the coast, having to be admitted to the Los Arcos hospital, where he remains in the ICU and his state of health is very worrying at the moment and this is inadmissible", has warned.

In Águilas (Murcia), all visitors who have arrived have been asked to "strictly" comply with the WHO recommendations. That is to say, Social isolation and quarantine for 14 days.

In Andalusia, the mayor of Mojacar (Almería) has transferred the "concern" that exists in the municipality to the "much influx" of residents of Madrid who have a second residence in this town in the east of Almería, and stressed that, from the City Council, "we can do nothing but trust that they follow the recommendations of the health authorities not to leave home."

"We are concerned and we are receiving many calls from concerned neighbors because they are not following the instructions of the health authorities who are recommending that this type of movement not occur before the doubt that they may be incubating the disease"he said, adding that the" influx "of people from the Community of Madrid is" being noticed "especially in" supermarkets "and on the" beach, where there is a lot of movement "." It seems July but there is more movement in the beaches than bars, "he says.

Due to the flight of many Madrid residents to their second homes, in Gandía (Valencia), beaches have begun to close to try to discourage tourists and not giving an image of normal feeling. From the Town Hall of the town they assure that they are not going to enable them for bathing, neither with the presence of lifeguards nor with the opening of the beach bars.

In the North of Spain the situation in some localities is not very different. Sanxenxo (Pontevedra) "it's like summer", as their own neighbors lament. Meanwhile, the Cantabrian Executive has appealed to the responsibility of those who are moving to its territory, especially university students who have been left without class. In their case, they are asked for 72 hours of quarantine. That they "make the minimum possible social life" and, "If they are confined in their homes, the better", has requested the Minister of Health.

On the roads it shows, and throughout this Friday they are causing traffic jams. Specifically in that of Andalusia, towards Córdoba, and on the Valencia highway, according to data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). In addition, there were retentions, yellow level of circulation

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