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Donald Trump Declares National Emergency | TIME ONLINE


US president Donald Trump has spread due to the spread of the coronavirus in
declared a national emergency in the United States. The measure would add more
Federal funding of up to $ 50 billion to fight the
Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 released, Trump said. He called on all hospitals to activate their emergency plans. All states should set up emergency centers.

"In the coming weeks we will all make changes and be victims
bring, "said the President." The next eight weeks will be
be crucial. "

He gave emergency ministry powers to Health Minister Alex Azar
Expose regulations and laws with the aim to doctors and
Hospitals have flexibility in treating patients
grant, Trump said. He also put one
Partnership between the state and the private sector in prospect to the
Expand U.S. capacity for testing on the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

A test page developed by Google should provide clues as to whether a
 Test for one person make sense. According to Trump next week
an additional 1.4 million tests will be possible within one month
 five million. But he doubts that you can even get this number
almost need.

 announced that the United States would support the oil market by producing oil
bought to replenish their strategic reserves "up to the top". In addition
he waived the interest on his government's student loans in order
to grant financial relief.

A nationwide state of emergency like in some other states
in which such fundamental rights are suspended,
does not mean a national emergency in the United States.

Entry ban for British people too?

Trump is now also considering an entry ban for
Great Britain people. The infection numbers there
have risen sharply in the past 24 hours, Trump said. The country
must therefore possibly be on a list of European countries
against whom an entry ban has been imposed. That applies
possibly also for other countries, Trump said. At the same time could be considered
to lift entry bans against some states.

 had one on Wednesday one-month entry ban for travelers
announced that it will come into effect on Saturday night.
Britain explicitly excluded Trump.

1,600 corona cases to date, but only a few tests

According to
 the national health agency CDC has so far seen more in the United States
registered as 1,600 Covid-19 cases. According to the CDC, it has occurred since mid-January
however, only for less than 14,000 tests. For comparison: South Korea
tests up to 20,000 people a day, according to media reports. Given
 of the few tests in the USA, the undisclosed number should therefore be clear
lie higher. According to the CDC, more than 40 deaths have been registered in the country to date.

The measure enables, among other things
Access to a disaster relief fund which the
Congress endowed with $ 42.6 billion
Has. Senate Democrats wrote in a letter on Wednesday calling for a state of emergency to make these funds available.

Trump had initially tried the danger
by the Corona virus talking small in the United States. After the first cases
he had been confident that the number of infections would soon be
 will go back to near zero. Instead, the number skyrocketed
dramatically up.

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