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XRP totally bearish tries to recover supports but the situation becomes more and more delicate.


As stated in a previous analysis yesterday, XRP was above a level where there was little chance of seeing a solid bullish move, sadly the price could not be sustained and it has considerably broken major supports like the S1 and S2 currently.

The overall decline in the markets is very sharp, not just in cryptocurrencies. It is not yet known exactly how far we can go with this, you just have to go from support to support until you find solid ground that serves as a start for a recovery. At the moment XRP has already lost 20.44% in the last 24 hours, being this one of the biggest falls for a while now.

In the graph you can see the price breaking supports and reaching the weekly S3 at $ 0.140, after this it recovered quickly and now it tries to position itself above $ 0.170 but this seems a difficult task to take into account taking into account the situation of uncertainty and negative emotions in the market.

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