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Restaurants and shops in Italy close TIME ONLINE



The Italian government closes bars and restaurants as well as almost all shops. Only supermarkets and pharmacies and shops that sell "important" things are still open, said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

All unnecessary business activities would have to be stopped, said Conte. This also applies to service providers such as hairdressing and cosmetic salons. All company departments that are not indispensable for production should close, said Conte. A rush to supermarkets is not necessary now, as the supply is guaranteed.

Conte thanked the population for adhering to the unprecedented travel bans and social restrictions that came into force on Tuesday. Italy must "take a further step," he said. In the next two weeks, it will become clear whether the measures will contain the epidemic, said Conte.

Italy is fighting drastically against the spread of the corona virus. The whole country is a restricted area, the 60 million people are no longer allowed to move freely. In total, more than 12,400 people have been infected with the virus in Italy, and more than 820 have died. The Lombardy region is most affected.



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