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NBA ceases to operate | TIME ONLINE


In the United States, the basketball league NBA has stopped playing due to the corona virus. The season will be interrupted indefinitely, said the NBA With.

Previously, a Utah Jazz professional had tested positive for Covid-19. As a result, the game against Oklahoma City Thunder by national team player Dennis Schröder was canceled. Shortly thereafter, the entire season was interrupted. After the Italian soccer league Serie A, the NBA is the second major sports league worldwide, due to the novel Corona virus interrupts their game operations.

The head of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, was the first NBA club owner to speak. "It's crazy, it can't be true. It seems to be from a movie, not from reality," he told the US TV station ESPN. It's no longer about basketball, said Cuban. "If this just explodes, you're thinking of your family and want to make sure you're doing the right thing."

In contrast to the Italian Serie A, which, like all sporting events in Italy, is paused until April 3, the decision of the NBA applies indefinitely. "The NBA will use this pause to determine the next steps to take in view of the coronavirus pandemic," said Wednesday night.

NHL is still playing, MLS games without viewers

The games of the ice hockey league NHL, however, took place as planned. The Columbo Blue Jackets are said to play against the Pittspurgh Penguins on Thursday without spectators. The next home games of the San Jose Sharks will also take place without fans. A re-evaluation of the situation by the NHL was expected for Thursday.

The soccer league of the United States (MLS) announced that the Seattle Sounders' football game against Dallas FC and San Jose Earthquakes against Kansas City Sporting KC, scheduled for March 21, would be delayed due to district law. How the upcoming college championships, the so-called March Madness will continue, was initially open. As of Wednesday evening, the tournaments should take place, but without spectators.

The Seattle Marineres baseball team plans to play their home games in another city. The state of Washington is the most affected by Sars-CoV-2 in the United States. The Oakland, California, Athletics baseball team also refuses to play at home. The reason for this is the ban on events with more than 1,000 people in the area, which is why the Golden State Warriors' home game planned for Thursday in the NBA against the Brooklyn Nets would have taken place without spectators.

Announcement by announcement

The Dallas Mavericks' encounter with the Denver Nuggets is indefinitely the last NBA game played. The game was already in the third quarter when the NBA's decision became public. Dallas won 113: 97. According to the NBA announcement, the season should have been interrupted only after the New Orleans Pelicans played against the Sacramento Kings. However, because a member of the referee team was most recently at a Utah Jazz game and players were concerned, this game was canceled.

US media unanimously reported that the professional who tested positive for the new corona virus was Rudy Gobert jazz center. As the Utah Jazz announced, one of their players had been examined for influenza in the morning. The symptoms became weaker during the day. Out of caution, he was also tested on Covid-19 – the news of this positive test did not reach the medical team until immediately before the start of the game in Oklahoma City.

As could be seen on TV pictures, the players were on the pitch when the referees gathered and the teams sent off the field a little later. After a period of various entertainment activities, spectators were informed about the cancellation due to "unforeseeable circumstances" about half an hour after the scheduled start of the game and were asked to leave the hall.

In the past few days, the league had ordered its teams to take strict measures in response to the spread of the virus, such as restricting entry to the locker rooms to players and coaches. In the United States, journalists usually have access to interviews before and after matches. Talks between media representatives and professionals should only be held at a distance, autographs should only be written with your own pens and no jerseys or balls should be accepted by fans.

At a press conference after the last NBA game for the time being, Mavericks owner Cuban said that he wanted to react to the economic consequences of the break. Many people around his team are employed on an hourly wage basis and rely on the money. "We may ask that you do some volunteering in exchange, but we will take care of it. This is important to me," said the billionaire.

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