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EU Commission wants to cushion economic consequences with billion-dollar funds | TIME ONLINE


EU commission wants the with a fund of 25 billion euros
Mitigate the economic consequences of the corona virus crisis. How
Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) announced the fund
among other things, smaller companies, the labor market and health systems
support. With the money, among other things
Economic sectors that are particularly hard hit by the effects of the health crisis. The fund is to be financed
according to their information from structural and non – member countries
Regional aid.

She wanted
Governments are asking to release this EUR 7.5 billion normally returning money into the EU budget for the fund, said
the commission president. The rest should be through co-contributions from those concerned
Member States are funded. I want specific suggestions from the Leyen
at a meeting of euro finance ministers
submit on Monday.

Your authority
wants to use the flexibility in the Stability and Growth Pact to give governments financial leeway to take appropriate measures against the crisis. "We will
use all the means at our disposal to help the European economy weather this storm
resists, "said von der Leyen.

In the fight
against the coronavirus epidemic, the EU heads of government also agreed to work more closely together than before. The
Health and home affairs ministers should now vote daily,
said EU Council President Charles Michel.

Crisis meeting at the Chancellery on Friday

Angela Merkel (CDU) meanwhile is apparently planning a crisis meeting for Friday
with employers and unions against economic policy measures
the coronavirus crisis. At the meeting, according to the editorial network
Germany on "the effects of the corona virus on the German
Advising the economy and possible economic countermeasures "
become. Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil (SPD) should also participate
and Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz (SPD).

The grand coalition had already curbed the economic consequences of the corona epidemic at the beginning of the week
Decreases in short-time work benefits decided. The project was on
Quickly launched on Tuesday by the cabinet.
Union faction leader
Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU) also announced that in the federal budget additional
Funds of up to a billion euros
for the fight against the virus. The money should go under
flow into research.

Further wants
the Federal Ministry of Labor to prevent supply shortages
loosen Sunday work. A corresponding legal regulation will
prepared, said the Corona crisis team
the federal government with. The Federal Ministry of Transport also has the federal states
asked to first check the driving ban for trucks on Sundays and public holidays
to be suspended until April 5, 2020 to avoid delivery bottlenecks.

Trump announces package of measures against coronavirus

Even in the
The US is to respond to the Corona crisis with an economic policy package. US president
Donald Trump
had announced the first concrete steps in Tuesday
The prospect was given, but this did not happen. The President would like to
major tax reform of 2017 on
prefer to enforce further cuts in income tax. When consulting with his republican
Allies in Congress and also with their own staff in the White House
however, according to US media reports, he was skeptical.

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