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Coronavirus vs. Italian grandma: for hygiene, against racism


An Italian grandma knows what to do about the corona virus. In a video, she gives humorous hygiene tips and at the same time finds clear words against racism.

"How many times have I told you to wash your hands?" Asks the older woman. Often enough, she says and emphasizes that regular hand washing is not only important since the spread of the corona virus.

When it comes to sneezing properly, this clever woman also has to rethink her established phrases. "I always said: hand over your mouth! Now I say: elbow over your mouth."
It only gets even more relaxed when Grandma sees it all Dab leads. "Cool, isn't it?" ask her. Indeed.

In order to avoid infections, she suggests to leave kisses and hugs for now. But she has an alternative suggestion: with minimal physical contact, it makes sense to simply wink. A closed eye to a friendly hello – that makes every greeting almost as warm as a hug.

But the Italian Nonna also finds serious words: "Let us not discriminate against ethnic groups", she demands in point four. Who is to blame for the Corona outbreak is irrelevant. And she reminds her again: "The corona virus will pass. Discrimination remains. There is no vaccination against it."

Finally, she turns to people in need of care again and offers her help in a grandmotherly manner: "If there is no more food in the supermarket: We are there for you and send you a package."

The video of the Neapolitan production company Casa Surace has already been shared more than 400,000 times. The speech is now also available with English subtitles.

In the fight of the Italian grandma against the corona virus, it is 8-0 at the end of the video. What she explains may not be new, but some things only become relevant when a grandma tells us.

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