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The volume of Bitcoin options reached a new all-time high


Yesterday, the total commercial volume of bitcoin options reached a new all-time high, reaching $ 200 million for the first time.

The data is provided by skew.com, which monitors the volumes of these options in different exchanges.

Bitcoin options volume

The exchange with the maximum trading volume of bitcoin options yesterday was Deribit, with 170 million dollars, followed by OKEx with 25, CME with 2.1 and LedgerX with 1.6.

In the past, the 150 million had rarely been exceeded, so Deribit's volumes only yesterday were already higher than the previous general historical highs.

In fact, it was not only the options that registered very high volumes yesterday, since also the token trading volumes on the stock exchanges marked the highest peak in recent months. More of 785,000 BTC they were traded only in the bitcoin blockchain, which is equivalent to more than $ 6.1 billion traded in a single day, the highest value since the end of October 2019.

It is worth noting that the comparison with the previous days is really sensational, because, for example, in terms of token exchange volumes in exchanges, Yesterday's volumes were three times higher than Fridays and Saturdays.

As for the options, February 29 reached the lowest peak in recent months, with less than $ 50 million, while Friday and Saturday were not higher than 80. In other words, yesterday's volumes were double than the average on Friday and Saturday.

Bitcoin futures volumes They were also very high, although they did not set a record. Yesterday was the third highest peak of the last month, with more than $ 20 billion negotiated.

It should be noted that Ethereum options trading volumes have been much lower and far from the highs, while those of ETH futures have registered the highest peak of the last month at almost $ 6 billion.

With regard to bitcoin options, today it is expected to be a particularly interesting day, as volumes have already exceeded 50 million dollars and the day in the global financial markets has just begun.

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