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Hamburg SPD wants to negotiate coalition with Greens | TIME ONLINE



The hamburger SPD will negotiate with the Greens to continue the red-green coalition. That was decided unanimously by the SPD state board, as Mayor Peter Tschentscher and SPD head of state Melanie Leonhard announced. Two weeks after the elections, they had exploratory talks with both the Greens and the CDU on Monday. Coalition negotiations are scheduled to begin next week. If they lead to success, Hamburg would still be the only red-green governed state.

He hoped for a "resilient" coalition agreement to be concluded quickly, said Tschentscher. Already after probing on Monday, he had described the continuation of red-green as the obvious option. However, the need for negotiation had also become clear in the talks. Controversial issues are likely to be infrastructure projects such as the planned A26-Ost motorway, the expansion of the airport's capacity, or the Greens' earlier achievement of climate neutrality in the city.

"There is still an option to reach a government agreement with the CDU," said Tschentscher. However, he and the entire SPD state board assumed that they could continue the successful cooperation of the past few years with the Greens. State head Melanie Leonhard also said that the SPD is committed to continuing "trusting cooperation". "Based on the
We are very confident about constructive exploratory talks

The SPD was involved in the general election on February 23 despite losses
 39.2 percent again clearly the strongest force. Indeed
The Greens almost achieved their 2015 result of 24.2 percent
double. The CDU came to historically bad 11.2 percent. The left
 had received 9.1 percent, the AfD 5.2 percent and the FDP moved into the
Missed citizenship with 4.9 percent.



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