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Break the power of the corporations, but not only on Facebook and Google! | TIME ONLINE


Already from the "unofficial
World government called Gafa
"heard? That stands for Google, Apple, Facebook
and Amazon. And they are "the real rulers" because these "Dominance of the
Tech giants "
has become a "risk to the world". Enough there
still the simple smashing? No! Because: "Who the Power of Big
Breaking tech has to think beyond splitting. "

These statements do not come from the party congress of the left, but from FAZ,
world, Focus and other established newspapers, and it amazes
me how broad the consensus is about restricting Gafa power and in
intervene in company processes. In this text, I will show
that the allegations against Gafa are basically the status quo of Western capitalism
question and also the demands of conservative politicians in this
Are much more punk and radical than you might like

As a computer scientist, I think about economic systems more like one
complex software. Programmers (governments) create clear rules
(Laws) to make one program (economic system) different
Tasks (economic incentive, fair pay, innovation, discourse)
to execute properly. In this symbol, the programmers would be up to date
through all political and social camps similar bug reports
get: The tech giants Gafa crash the program and always generate
stronger anomalies that are not caught by the current rules.

But first let's look at why so many people have a problem with Gafa
to have! Firstly, it is about the market power with which the
Corporations whose immense data ownership can only be guessed at can still make them stronger. So placed on
For example, Google is particularly prominent in the products that Google itself earns
. That is also why
seen critically because Google shares with Facebook 60 percent
any online advertising
controlled. Besides that, the aggressive and ever more extensive
becoming lobbying
of the tech giants mentioned as a problem Experts see here
a global political risk
. Minister of Economy
Altmaier is now demanding tighter abuse supervision
and Ursula von der Leyen
is interested in a Google competition review
. In the effectiveness there
there is however great doubt. Offices are slow and competing start-ups are usually killed by the giants long before they can react.
And doubt even if smashed Economists on
desired result of the power reduction

Of course, the criticism is not just about the market: everyone
Gafa companies have algorithms that control the individual visibility of
Determine content for individual users. What article
is shown
or what video and
Complex recommendation systems determine which posts are seen by the user
– often almost religious
just called "the algorithm". Unfortunately, these systems can
not only affect the consumption behavior of the users, but also the spread of fake news or bought political

An answer to this could be that the Platforms more active in
intervene and remove disinformation, for example
. This approach
is, of course, quite paradoxical in parts, because after all, it only ends with it
would determine and pre-filter more content and thus have an even more central influence
received. So the demand for transparency comes very quickly. In the
The press regularly reads that opaque
Algorithms can harm democracy
. But middle-class politicians are also whole
up front: Frank-Walter Steinmeier demands "crystal clear
Seal of origin for information
", Heiko Maas wants users
can decide which "Personalize them
want to accept in the digital world and which ones don't "
. Angela Merkel spoke
advocated the transparency of these algorithms years ago
, in the Coalition agreement will
their state verifiability
demanded and CDU politicians even hold
the active Regulation of
algorithmic systems make sense

But wait a minute. Other large companies also influence politics and the population – keywords lobbying and advertising. What there
is criticized, can
basically apply to the concept of many western companies. After all, I don't need to explain to anyone here how
incredibly large political power of the
German auto industry is

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