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When the weather is nice, you don't see anyone sitting on the balcony or terrace in Sasbachwalden, Mayor Sonja Schuchter reports on the phone. All windows are closed, the TVs turned up loudly. But even that can not the noise that roars through their village
keep outside. More than a hundred motorcycles rattle on a sunny day
through the small town on the edge of the Black Forest between Baden-Baden and Offenburg, says Schuchter. Summer here means traffic noise.

"When I mean 2016
When I took office, I was warned of the incredible motorbike noise, "says the CDU local politician
some days it was really hard to stand. They get regular
Emails and letters from tourists complaining about motorcycle noise.
At the beginning of 2020, together with the noise protection officer of Baden-Württemberg, she had the Initiative against
Motorbike noise
in life
called, an alliance of action of more than 80 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg. Man
doesn't want to ban motorcycling in general, says Schuchter. If
the drivers are only interested in Sasbachwalden as a rowdy test track
use, then should not suffer the people who rest there
and looking for relaxation.

The goal of the initiative against motorcycle noise: Manufacturers should build quieter machines, the police control more and it should be drastic
Penalties for manipulation and unnecessary engine noise. "The traffic noise is
very stressful for everyone here, "says Schuchter. He creates stress and make
proven to be sick
. It finally calls for more options for action
Municipalities and tougher sanctions against rowdy drivers, as she calls them. But how
could look something like this

Paris is already testing the speed cameras

In France and the UK is currently becoming an option
tested to deal with unnecessary traffic noise, whether it's a loud exhaust boom,
crackling engines or starting with screeching tires:
Speed ​​cameras. They work much like speed cameras – only that
It is not flashed here who drives too fast, but who is too loud.

The device, which is used in France and Great Britain, has four microphones that measure the decibel level every tenth of a second
and so can pinpoint exactly where the noise is coming from. Technology can too
differentiate between different vehicle types. If exhaust or engine
If a certain noise limit is exceeded, it flashes. A camera does how
with a speed measurement, a picture of the vehicle and the
License plate. The vehicle owner can thus be determined and punished if necessary

In France, the test phase started in June 2019, 18 months
should it last. For the time being should only be measured, then drivers
and kindly warn drivers of cars or motorcycles that are too loud – with one
sad smiley or the request to drive quieter, for example. Only later is it planned to punish the noise drivers with a fine. Possible are
here fines of up to 1,500 euros or that the vehicle is confiscated.
That it is necessary to oppose it
Doing the noise already shows the first months of the test phase: Loud
French media reports were published in Paris peak values ​​of 450 on a single Sunday
Exceeded noise measured.

Hanover is examining the idea

2019 now has too Hanover as the first German city to submit an application
asked to set up speed cameras. The young liberals, the youth organization
the FDP, had brought the idea to the city council. Instead of driving bans
They prefer environmental and noise pollution to innovations and new ones
Set technology, they say. "Traffic noise is after air pollution
the second largest environmental impact, "says Katharina Wieking, chair of the
Young Liberals Hanover. Lawn is dangerous and the loud start off
Traffic lights are extremely annoying. There would be more and more citizens of the city
complaining about the noise, says Wieking. It was just too loud. The
The Hanover Building Committee unanimously voted for the
Acquisition of noise cameras pronounced – since then it has been checked how
Application can be implemented.

But the idea of ​​the speed camera doesn't wake everyone up
Enthusiasm. In Switzerland, the idea spread in the cantons of Basel and
Zurich cannot enforce it: they don't want a ban culture and are already doing enough against it
Poser and Raser, it says from some parties. Besides, it wasn't
possible to sanction noise without an appropriate legal basis.

Hanover could also face this problem because it still is
completely unclear how punishment due to the speed cameras will be legally regulated
could. This point also makes Mayor Schuchter from Sasbachwalden skeptical about the noise flash idea. So far, driving too loudly and unnecessarily posing can only help
Traffic controls by the police are sanctioned: Anyone who attracts attention pays
a penalty according to the catalog of fines
from ten euros. This could be significantly more expensive with the introduction of speed cameras
become. It is also questionable whether the noise cameras always determine without any doubt
can determine which vehicle is exceeding the level. A lot
busy roads, there are often different sources of noise, a direct one
So assignment could be difficult.

The young liberal Wieking still believes that speed cameras also come in
Germany are possible. It has the legal and technical implementation
placed in the hands of the city administration, which has been submitting the application since December 2019
checks. Wieking has the hope of becoming one in Hanover when it comes to noise protection
To be able to make a model city for Germany. "If Paris can do it, why
shouldn't it also go in Hanover? "



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