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HTC recently introduced a 5G router with Bitcoin node support (BTC) and Brave browser



HTC has presented the "safest router in the world" which allows you to run a complete Bitcoin node called Exodus 5G Hub. It is a version of the cryptocurrency-centric model that was launched last year.

A router focused on privacy

The technical specifications of the new router remain the same: it runs on Android 9 with the Snapdragon 855 chip. It offers a maximum download speed of approximately 2.63 Gbps, which is more than enough to connect up to 20 devices.

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Exodus 5G Hub is based on services such as VPN and the Brave browser focused on encryption to ensure a high level of privacy.

However, the most compelling thing about HTC's new product is the ability to directly run a Bitcoin node. In addition, its users can manage their cryptocurrency holdings with the help of the Zion Vault wallet that supports multiple currencies, including Binance Coin (BNB) and Stellar (XLM).

Blockchain phones

The router is an addition to the Exodus line that includes blockchain-oriented smartphones. According to reported by Crypto Report, HTC introduced the Exodus 1 model in February at the Mobile World Congress. The encryption development began in may 2018.

In November, the Exodus 1s smartphone also debuted, which was a cheaper version of the previously released device that is available for only $ 244.

The price of the recently announced Exodus 5G Hub router is not yet known.


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