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These are the most important health projects based on Blockchain

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What are the main projects, applications or companies that use blockchain in the field of medical care?

In fact, in the field of healthcare, the technology of distributed records lends itself to numerous use cases, in particular for storing data that, in fact, makes them immutable.

A particularly interesting case is that of United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), which launched a blockchain platform for the storage of health and pharmaceutical data, in collaboration with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Dubai Healthcare City and other health authorities.

The platform is based on a distributed ledger and aims to improve the efficiency of MoHAP itself and the health services of health care organizations in the country. It also integrates artificial intelligence, as provided by the UA strategy of AI.

In particular, it will help simplify the search for health centers and their medical and technical staff. It will also be possible to obtain information on medications, in terms of manufacturer, active ingredient, price, approved agent and method of use, and will help facilitate the work of health inspectors.

Finally, the initiative also aims to promote the so-called medical tourism in the country, focusing on the quality of health care in the country.

However, this project is not yet operational, although the fact that it is promoted directly by the UAE Ministry of Health makes it one of the world's leading projects in the sector.

Another project that got some notoriety was Medicalchain, born with an ICO that raised more than $ 20 million in 2018.

It is a project that, thanks to IBM Hyperledger technology, performs a follow-up of medical records and allows people 24/7 medical assistance through the MyClinic.com application.

At the base, there is always the idea of ​​securely storing and sharing health data in electronic format, and it requires that authorized users, such as doctors and pharmacists, have access to the patient's health documents and then record each transaction in The distributed record.

However, its token has lost a lot of value compared to the placement price, going from $ 0.38 to the current $ 0.004, with a general market capitalization of just over a million dollars.

Another project that got some notoriety was Dentacoin, whose objective is create a token to create a network that connects dentists and patients.

In addition, the project seeks to make payments more secure and secure, while minimizing costs for professionals and providing insurance services.

The network already has more than 40,000 users, but its token in the market has now lost much of its initial value, going from around 0.4 thousandths of an initial dollar to the current 0.032 thousandths, with just over 14 million dollars of stock market capitalization.

Currently, the blockchain-based health project already underway, whose symbol is best obtained Solve.Care, launched in 2018 with the aim of decentralize health administration, facilitate access to care, increase the effectiveness of payments in the field and reduce costs.

The value of your token in the last 12 months has remained almost constant, and to date, of all health tokens, it has the highest market capitalization (approximately $ 46 million).

MediBloc, a health information platform that allows patients to be owners of their medical records and share them with health professionals and researchers, it also deserves a mention.

The value of your token has fallen a lot since the moment of its placement in the market, at the beginning of 2018, going from $ 0.025 to the current $ 0.0048, but maintaining a market capitalization of approximately 11 million dollars.

Another token in the health sector that has a similar market capitalization is Aencoin, which unlike others is growing.

Aenco is a platform of financial solutions for the health sector, born in 2018 and driven by its own blockchain, which allows health companies to provide a wide range of applications with an impact on real life.

His token has gone from $ 0.024 to the current $ 0.035 in recent months, with a market capitalization that increased to just over $ 9 million.

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