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The confidence crisis of the state TIME ONLINE


How much
Do you trust politicians, entrepreneurs and the media? How much competence
do they have and how ethically do they behave? Since the World Economic Forum in Davos, this has been based on the Trust index of
Communication agency Edelman
discussed controversially. Germany does comparatively poorly in the index despite an alleged economic boom.

You have to take surveys
Enjoy caution. But much suggests that the western world
experienced an increasing crisis of confidence in the state and fewer and fewer people
trust their state institutions to solve the problems of our time. According to the Edelman Index, trust in government institutions is shockingly low overall – even though people have confidence in themselves: people in their own environment and scientists
for example, trust them very much. But they trust politicians and the wealthy particularly little.

Above all, that is frightening
great loss of trust in politics and deep distrust in both
Competence as well as in the ethical behavior of politicians. Germany too
does poorly here. We Germans take our state
Institutions compared to other western countries as a little less
unethically true, but also less competent.

Where from
is the loss of trust coming? More than half of the people in Germany
says they have a problem with the economic and social system.
Above all, they see capitalism as a social form that is dysfunctional
and which does not represent the interests of the majority of society. A
other New Economy Forum poll
last year showed that 87 percent, which is a large majority of
Germans consider the inequality of income and wealth to be too high and unjust
feel. Most believe that the market economy fails because
to create a sufficient social balance.

Even more:
There is hardly a country where people are more concerned about theirs
make economic future. Only 23 percent of Germans still believe that
you and your family will be better off in five years than today. This is
less than half of the global average, which is 47 percent. They were only in two other countries
People more concerned about their future.

Things are worse in other countries

Now be
some complain that these are just surveys and people like to be high
Complain of level, especially we Germans. These critics rightly refer
on the overall good economic situation in Germany, with record employment,
a low unemployment rate and decent wage increases also for
Low-income earners. You will also refer to it in many others
Countries in Europe are doing significantly worse, not only in Italy and

however, rests on the supposedly good economic situation and this
To dismiss criticism as nonsensical makes it too easy. Anyone in Hamburg
or Nuremberg lives, does not compare to the inhabitants of Athens or Bucharest. He or she has an expectation of state and society that part
of our social market economy social contract. And this expectation
from the perspective of many Germans is not met.

Also shows
the Edelman survey also states that there is a larger one almost nowhere in the world
There is a difference in trust in the state than in Germany: the so-called elite,
well-educated people with high incomes, has almost one in Germany
50 percent higher trust in the state and its institutions than that
Average of the entire population. Or in other words: the state likes
work for the elite. But from the perspective of the majority of citizens
it just doesn't work enough for them.

And a lot
suggests that not the little man or the little woman one
has distorted perception of reality, but rather the privileged to
belong to the winners of globalization and technological change. Because hardly
an industrialized country has greater wealth inequality and less
Opportunities for advancement through education and work as Germany. That is certainly the case
a strong welfare state that guarantees a high level of social security, however
can not compensate for the lack of opportunities and personal responsibility.

experience a crisis of confidence in the state almost everywhere in the western world
with a massive loss of confidence of the citizens in their
state institutions. The big challenges of our time are almost
all made by humans and remain unsolved by state institutions – from
Climate change through financial crises to an increasing social
Polarization and rapid technological change. Polls like hers
Have weaknesses, but they usually contain more truth than many admit
to like. The loss of trust in the state and its institutions should be a
A wake-up call for politics to finally initiate urgent reforms and themselves
to build people's trust again.


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